Ammonium phosphates

Ammonium phosphates serve as an acidifying agent in baking powders. They have baking properties, control the pH – and thus improve the dough’s properties. Besides bakery products, they are used in alcoholic beverages, cheese, meat products, desserts and yeast cultures. Ammonium phosphates also serve as a key nutritional element in the production of quality wines, fruit spirits and spirits.

ProductNameQualityMade in GermanyMade in CzechMore information
DAPDiammonium phosphate food, tech., wine
DAP AC SIDiammonium phosphate with an anti-caking agent based on silica food
DAP AC T2Diammonium phosphate with the addition of calcium phosphate food
MAPMonoammonium phosphate food, tech.
MAP AC T2Monoammonium phosphate with the addition of calcium phosphate food

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