REACH is the acronym for the European Union’s chemicals policy, which is based on its content – registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals.

Fosfa a. s. is fully acquainted with its obligations under REACH. We approach this regulation actively and implement all the measures necessary to fulfill it. We can assure our customers that all of our manufactured substances are properly pre-registered and also registered under REACH if necessary. The list of manufactured chemicals is continually updated.

As of 20 April 2018, Fosfa has registered 13 substances. The associate company Omnisal has also registered 13 substances.

REACH registration numbers of substances

White (yellow) phosphorus P47723-14-001-2119448009-39-0006
Phosphoric acid H3PO47664-38-201-2119485924-24-001601-2119485924-24-0053
Monosodium phosphate NaH2PO47558-80-701-2119489796-13-000601-2119489796-13-0000
Disodium hydrogen phosphate Na2HPO47558-79-401-2119489797-11-000701-2119489797-11-0000
Trisodium phosphate Na3PO47601-54-901-2119489800-32-000701-2119489800-32-0000
Sodium acid pyrophosphate Na2H2P2O77758-16-901-2119489793-19-000401-2119489793-19-0000
Tetrasodium pyrophosphate Na4P2O77722-88-501-2119489794-17-000201-2119489794-17-0000
Sodium tripolyphosphate Na5P3O107758-29-401-2119430450-54-0005
Potassium dihydrogen phosphate KH2PO47778-77-001-2119490224-41-0061
Dipotassium hydrogen phosphate K2HPO47758-11-401-2119493919-15-0008
Potassium pyrophosphate K4P2O77320-34-501-2119489369-18-000601-2119489769-18-0001
Potassium tripolyphosphate K5P3O1013845-36-801-2119485639-19-000401-2119485639-19-0001
Monoammonium phosphate NH4H2PO47722-76-101-2119488166-29-0081
Diammonium phosphate (NH4)2HPO47783-28-001-2119490974-22-0068
Sodium hypophosphite NaH2PO2.H2O7681-53-001-2119452981-33-0007

Remark: Sodium hexametaphosphate (CAS 68915-31-1), manufactured by both companies, is a polymer with an exemption from registration. The substance is in compliance with the REACH regulation on the basis of pre-registration and registration of its monomer, sodium dihydrogen phosphate.

Several other specific steps were taken to implement REACH: Staff training on REACH, including the new European CLP regulation on the classification, labeling and packaging of chemicals (EC 1272/2008), which is closely related to the REACH regulation, has been carried out. New training is regularly organized for new employees.

Manufacturing workers are familiar with the risks associated with the chemicals they work with.We have safety data sheets of all raw materials that have hazardous properties from our suppliers.

We also communicate with our customers in accordance with the REACH regulation and according to their specific requirements.

The safety data sheets of manufactured hazardous substances and mixtures have been reworked into the structure prescribed by EU Regulation 2015/830. Exposure scenarios have been added for hazardous substances that summarize intended uses of the substance and appropriate risk management measures. Revision of safety data sheets is continuous process that builds on newly acquired knowledge about the properties of substances or mixtures.

The company has participated in the SIEF activities for information exchange forums and is a member of the relevant consortia for the joint registration of substances.

The company REACH database is continuously updated with new information on legislation development and training materials on the interpretation of this legislation. The implementation of European chemicals legislation is permanently integrated into the company’s environmental and safety policy.