Vision and strategy

Fosfa – Life science company

The company is a living organism like nature. It depends on the environment in which it moves. At the same time, it affects this environment. Both positively and negatively. At Fosfa, we learned three important things from nature: to be useful, to care for our surroundings, to be able to adapt. And, of course, to be top innovators. Because if you are not the one who leads, you have to follow someone else.

Nobody who is without use to others can survive in nature or in business. You need to develop and produce services that others need and appreciate. Otherwise you will end up as a blind development branch. The ability to be useful to others requires hard work. You need to know your customers, know how and what they are thinking about and what is troubling them. And constantly be prepared to offer them what no one else can. Because uniqueness is part of the service to others.

Life science at Fosfa means a look into the future. Try to be the best in everything we do, because otherwise customers will not need us. To try to unravel the problems that the others avoid because of their difficulty. And be humble, for without the favor of our environment we would be nothing.

Our vision

  1. Become a world-class company.
  2. Become a global player in the field of innovative phosphorus-based products.
  3. Be an innovative company developing wide range of ecological products.
  4. Be an ecologically responsible company with deep respect for nature and the environment.
  5. Build a FOSFA Company Culture that every employee will live and be proud of.

Our values

At Fosfa, we proudly refer to the ideas and work of Tomáš and Jan A. Baťa. We consider them to be modern and inspirational. Especially their unique approach to sales. Baťa did not just sell shoes, they exported an entire town, not only with factories and houses, but above all with a corporate culture and a way of work. If we are just discovering today that customers do not buy products, but brands and feelings, then the Baťa’s were far ahead of us a hundred years ago: they sold a way of life and work, offering the world a meaningful life. And they succeeded.

„When the leaders and responsible people, and once all the nameless ones, and honest workers do not know, why they are working and what they should be aiming for, we observe an idleness, dullness and demoralization in the entire nation .„ J.A. Baťa

Strategy 5P = the main pillar of our sustained growth

Our own corporate culture at Fosfa is based on the values of 5P – purpose, product, people, platform, process. They should be fulfilled by every new step or product of the company. It means an emphasis on innovation and procedural quality (process), the continuous education of co-workers (people), added value and the social sense of the products offered (product, purpose).