In Japanese, Kaizen means continuous improvement. The philosophy of Kaizen assumes that our way of life – whether it be working life, social or family life – should focus on sustained improvement.

The Kazien philosophy is a continuous improvement method, utilizing the potential of all employees of the company. At Fosfa, we believe that a company is not based on buildings and machines, but mainly on people. The Kaizen philosophy complements the mosaic of our approach, precisely by drawing all the workers into action. Our goal is to build an environment where improvement, supported by knowledge, will be a part of the everyday work of all employees.

It all began in 2005 when the initial idea of introducing the philosophy of continuous improvement began to sparkle. We realize that in today’s constantly changing and accelerating world, only those who can best adapt to new conditions will survive. That’s why we chose Kaizen’s philosophy as one of the survival tools. It comes from the United States, but deep roots have especially been placed in Japan.

We know that the philosophy of Kaizen can not be carbon copied, so we are looking for our own way. We prioritize the flow of information and material that helps us to discover waste – both in administrative and production processes. The key objective of our company and all of its processes is to reach the level of a World Class Company. We are delighted that this effort was supported by two rare visits. In 2006, Mr. Masaaki Imai, a Kaizen guru, visited Fosfa, and one year later Mr. Ashok Puri, director of the Indian Kaizen Institute.


Our Kaizen Tours

We draw inspiration from companies that have experience with Kaizen and operate in the countries where Kaizen originated and flourished. For this purpose, we travel annually to Japan and the US. We visit progressive businesses and seek incentives to improve and streamline our own processes. It does not always have to be a big company; the main thing is the values and thoughts, not the size. Our Kaizen Tour is nicely documented by annual photos and videos.

Japan Tour 2017

In 2017 we went back to the Japan tour which has become our annual tradition. This year, we also had an inspirational meeting with Mr. Masaaki Imai who can speak in a comprehensible form about KAIZEN and his principles. The companies we’ve visited have shown us how to work and improve with Kaizen on a daily basis. These are not just words but real examples from practice. Just how we use Kaizen in practice can make things better and move forward.

Japan Tour 2016

We went to the Japan Tour 2016 in the second third of May. Our guide was Mr. Christian Wolcott of the Kaizen Institute and Mr. Masaaki Imai enriched us with two lectures, offering new angles of view on Kaizen and deepening the insight into this philosophy.

Japan Tour 2015

As part of the Japan Tour 2015, which ran from 9 to 17 May, we visited a number of notable companies and were inspired by two outstanding personalities, Masaaki Imaiem and Christian Wolcott. Those in the context of his lectures, emphasized the everyday and that we don’t have to improve Kaizen only their processes, but also the processes of suppliers and customers.

Usa Tour 2015

Usa Tour 2014