Fosfa Nursery

“We’ll take your kids out and let them learn and discover through playing.“

The Fosfa nursery was founded in July 2011, so that mothers and fathers who work at Fosfa have preschool education for their children, as well as others. But above all, so that parents are able to place their children as close as possible in today’s busy times – and to have them taken care of all-day by qualified and professional teahers without worrying . Due to the great demand, the preschool was later made available to parents of children who do not work at Fosfa.

What do we offer?

  • Accommodating opening hours from 06:30 am to 5:00 pm. Parents can drop off children according to their own needs.
  • A family atmosphere where your child will feel safe and look forward to coming.
  • A low number of children in the class – an individual approach to children’s needs.
  • Quality care for all children
  • Open during summer holidays as well
  • Extended English teaching
  • The special project “I can do it” is designed for preschoolers
  • Daily walks into the woods – we discover the world.
  • Focusing on environmental education
  • A school education program that has the motivational name “Playing for Learning”.
  • Logopedic speech therapy by a speech therapist
  • Language development, physical fitness and thinking
  • Daily art or practical activities
  • Development of autonomy
  • Dining room set up by a nutrition therapist
  • Utilization of an adaptation program
  • Fixed and indefinite contracts – credit system
  • Organizing various interesting events for children

Taking into account the focus of teaching and the individual approach to children, Fosfa’s preschool fulfills the vision of every parent who wants his child to develop, learn how to behave towards nature and their surroundings, understand foreign languages, and especially go home with a big smile and return to the preschool even more enthusiastic.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Your Fosfa nursery team




Fosfa nursery, Hraniční 268, Břeclav – Poštorná, 691 41

The nursery is located on the premises of Fosfa in Poštorná, there is a public transport stop there.

Price list:  

We can offer both full-time attendance to your children as well as the use of individual days according to your individual needs. We will be happy to provide you with more information on prices, meals and the credit system at the nursery.

The versatile development of your children is looked after by:  

Mgr. Jiřina Kratochvílová, +420 734 397 805,