Our approach

One of the visions of Fosfa a.s. is to be ecologically responsible with a deep respect for nature. 

Caring for the environment in which we live and work is one of the responsibilities of each of us. We will not survive if we destroy the world that created us. And the world around us will not survive unless we take care of it.  It is not altruism, but a business necessity.  People, the city, nature, society - all that surrounds us creates the conditions for our work.  Their fate is our destiny. We are interconnected, and at Fosfa we are well aware of it about ourselves. The first thing we ask during our work is what the relationship of what we produce is to the environment and to our immediate surroundings. The path we’ve set off on is a more complex one, but it’s is one we ourselves have chosen.

Green factory
Our approach Environment REACH

Think environmentally

We have implemented the Environmental Management System (EMS) according to ISO 14001 that leads to improvements in processes, procedures and resources to develop, implement, achieve and maintain environmental policy. Our policy also includes ISO 50001, which especially commits us to energy-efficient production. We regularly evaluate and review the EMS in order to continually improve in the environmental field.  We have been involved in the projects - Responsible companyGreen Company.





We produce environmentally friendly Feel Eco products and we work on the research and development of new products. We care for households, laundry and skin in harmony with nature. And as far as shopping bags are concerned, we always keep them for the next purchase.







We run a Feel Greens vertical farm, which saves up to 95% of water compared to conventional farming. Sustainable development is one of the leitmotifs of our business. We are undertaking new eco-friendly investments mainly related to the renewal of technology and the removal of unused and unnecessary parts that may be a potential source of environmental pollution.

Feel Greens
Fosfa - Our approach



We sort waste. Thoroughly, and we are happy about it.  We want to be an example for companies, to motivate and educate those who have not yet implemented waste sorting. Waste sorting - in individual workplaces there are baskets for the sorting of paper, plastic and municipal waste, which are regularly emptied into sorted waste containers on the premises of the company and transferred to authorized persons. We train employees on a regular basis with a focus on the environment.




Paper recycling? Yes.  When we print, it is double sided. We use badly printed sheets for notes - every tree that is spared counts! We recycle material and things that can be used in a different way. If we are unable to ensure recycling, we will pass it on to an external company to ensure its further use. We collect corporate waste in the form of electrical equipment and batteries which we ensure the ecological disposal of.

Fosfa - Our approach
Fosfa - Our approach


We are gradually moving from using old combustion plants to newer and more environmentally friendly appliances. The sources of air pollution are equipped with separating devices which pre-clean the waste gases from them and thus reduce the amount of discharged emissions. We use surplus heat for non-emission electricity production through monitoring, cleaning and eventual repairing of sewerage on the premises of the company. We regularly look after the greenery on the premises of the company which includes many grass lawns, and a myriad of shrubs and trees. All greenery contributes to improving the quality of the environment.

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