Research and development

Nature fascinates us in its perfection and beauty.

The world around us is changing. More than many admit. At Fosfa, we want to be the originators of these changes. To do this, we need to be the best at innovating. The harmony of modern technologies, corporate values and the relationship to the environment is the foundation of our Life Science philosophy. We develop and produce products that meet our own demanding conditions. If we say that we are creating our brand FeelEco for our own families and children, we mean it literally. Consideration for the environment is a matter of course. Neither can be achieved without cutting-edge technology. Finding the right balance between our values, the relationship to the environment and innovation is a daily renewal of our promise to our customers and business partners: our work is a service.

Internal team of innovators

  • In-house R&D teams
  • Cooperation with universities a institutions
  • Expatriates with global experts
  • Systematic project management
  • Sales/R&D teams structures
  • Own laboratory and analytical equipment
  • New modern premises

Cooperation with institutions and universities

Research for us is not just about preparing the substances or mixtures themselves, but the essential part is testing the application properties of our products. Our laboratories are focused on both inorganic chemistry and food production, in other words, we have our own development kitchen.

We maintain close relationships with universities and we have many years of cooperation with a number of institutions focused on applied science, especially TBU in Zlín and Brno University of Technology. We are grateful for the critical views of high-quality specialists in these universities who help us not only solve everyday problems but, above all, help us to develop new products in line with the latest trends.

And because we are not indifferent to the quality of water, the environment and cleanliness of the home, we are dedicating our efforts to the Feel Eco series. Feel Eco includes laundry and cleaning detergents with exceptional properties. Their purpose is a combination of high efficiency, easy biodegradability and easy care for home and child safety. We apply the most advanced knowledge in their development, so that we are always the best choice.  

Collaboration with international experts with global experience

It is important for us that our products be created using “clever science”. That is why we invest in our own laboratories and work with an external team of professionals from both the university and the private sphere. Innovation and research simply provide us with joy.

Product diversification and innovation is what drives FOSFA. Our product portfolio has changed throughout the years and continues to evolve to best serve our customers.