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We are part of nature

We think and act in an environmentally friendly manner

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Each of us is unique and irreplaceable

We innovate and create useful product to society

Life Science Company

Fosfa is an innovative Life Science company established in 1884. The group is the largest processor of yellow phosphorus in Europe. Fosfa is one of the top global players in the field of essential, phosphorus-based ingredients and functional blends for food, pharma and sophisticated industrial applications. Fosfa also develops and manufactures FeelEco, exceptional natural products for health, family and home care.

Phosphorus based products

Environmentally friendly body and home care products

All of our products undergo a number of demanding tests. We are holders of several international certificates. We leave nothing to chance. We strive for our products to last and be valued by our children after us.

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Research is our passion. We cooperate with international experts from all disciplines.

The key to doing successful business is high quality, proactive people who are able to think critically and come up with their own ideas.


launching of phosphorus based products in Břeclav-Poštorná


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We have learned 3 important things from nature: to be useful, to care for our surroundings and to innovate. That’s why considerateness has a firm place in our corporate philosophy.