Code of Ethics

The Code of ethics contains binding rules on the conduct for FOSFA a.s. and their employees, which exceed the framework of the rules established by legislation. The spirit and purpose of formulating these ethical rules is to embed the basic building blocks of the entrepreneurial culture of Fosfa, a.s., built on the commitment to the principles for entrepreneurship, laid down by Tomáš Baťa and an effort to develop honest, economically sound and prosperous business enterprise, under conditions of universal support provided to the company´s employees.

Compliance with laws, good commercial practice and ethical values

Fosfa a.s.always strictly complies with laws and with the principles of good commercial practice in all areas of its activity. Employees of Fosfa a.s. also conform to legal regulations and these principles in their daily work and conduct related to the work. Company and its employees abide by the ethical values formulated in this Code.

Relationship of the company to employees

Fosfa is aware of the fact that the most valuable and essential element in the company are people. A strong and solid relationship with all its employees, based on mutual respect and dignity, has a vital significance for the company. The credo of Fosfa a.s. is application of Tomáš Baťa’s principles and moral integrity. While looking for new members of the Fosfa team, we accentuate positive thinking, ability to motivate others, work hard to complete tasks successfully, courage to face unpopular decisions, enthusiasm, open manners and adaptability, discipline, sense of fair play and in particular respect for people. Important indicators of evaluation is the GEMBA culture as well (accentuating the event performed directly on site, not in an administrative manner) and desire for knowledge. Fosfa broadly supports and develops these principles in its staff. Employees are provided with above-average working conditions, fully meeting the requirements of labour law and the relevant International Labour Organization conventions.

Fosfa a.s. offers a safe and healthy working environment to its staff and seeks its permanent improvement. All the relevant occupational safety and health legislation is observed, just as legislation on healthcare for employees. Company provides people with equal opportunities without distinction on grounds of race, colour, sex, nationality, religion, ethnic origin, or other different characteristics. Any discrimination or harassment is prohibited. Employees are encouraged to develop themselves by offering trainings and education, supporting their professional growth and qualification. Company also provides the employees, as appropriate, with the possibility of housing in its accommodation facility. Company runs a corporate nursery school for children of employed mothers.

Cooperation between the staff and settlement of possible misunderstandings

Fosfa a.s. is aware of the fact that good working relationships, the atmosphere of mutual cooperation between the staff, and team spirit are essential for successful development and business of the company. Employees always act in a cooperative manner, while performing their work activities or communicating with their colleagues. No employee belittles his/her colleagues, neither distorts or conceals information, necessary for accomplishment of their job tasks. The employee never favours his/her own or another person´s interests over the interests of the company and never declines groundlessly the necessary synergy with other colleagues for accomplishment of their job tasks. In case of a dispute between the staff, they seek the solution while respecting the interests of the company, and in the event of failure to reach agreement, they forthwith inform their superiors, who help to resolve the contentious issue.

Protection of company´s reputation

Employees are obliged always, even in their non-work activities, to act and behave with the awareness that they represent Fosfa a.s. and their action, behaviour or declarations must not belittle or even damage the employer´s reputation.

Role of executive staff

The executive staff set an example for other employees with their attitudes, conduct and representing the company, always in compliance with the ethical principles formulated in this Code. The executive staff also monitor the compliance with these principles in the staff under their supervision and regularly evaluate behaviour of individual employees in relation to the company´s values.

Trade relations and competition

Fosfa a.s. adheres to the rules of open competition on each market, upon which introduces its products and acts, so as not to infringe the antitrust laws and to avoid unfair competition. Not even conduct of company´s employees may lead to infringements of the mentioned rules in any way. Employees in particular do not cooperate in any way with any competition on the market and do not provide or exchange with them the information on the company, especially in terms of costs, price strategies, bids, conditions of sale, licensing relationships, selection of suppliers etc. Employees do not deal with other entities on common actions on the market, namely upon determination of prices, market allocation, neither application of certain commercial terms, nor a joint action in tender processes, even they do not apply any illegal commercial practices, putting obstacles in the way of free and equal competition.

Prohibition of offering and accepting benefits

No employee of the company will directly or indirectly offer or provide any benefit to any other person or entity, in order to encourage them to act in conflict with their obligations, and with a view to gain, maintain, or control a business opportunity, or to obtain any other undue advantage in performing entrepreneurial activities of the company. No employee will require directly or indirectly, or accept any benefit provided to him/her, in order to encourage him/her to act in conflict with his/her obligations either.

Relations with politicians, charitable donations and sponsoring

Fosfa a.s. does not provide contributions or any other support directly or indirectly in favour of political parties or individual politicians. Employees must not make any payments for these purposes on behalf of the company, or from the company’s funds. Company provides only such donations and sponsoring that do not influence commercial activity of the company itself and do not aim at infringement of the rules for fair competition. The Director General of the company is always the first to decide on all provided donations and contributions.

Business secrets and commercially sensitive information

Fosfa a.s. protects its business secrets and respects similar rights of other entities. Employees must not obtain confidential information of other parties through illicit means and must not make them available to the public without prior authorisation.

Employees are obliged to keep confidential the sensitive commercial information given to them, or information they acquired in the course of performing their duties or in the context of performing these duties. The exception to that are cases in which the employee was released from the obligation by the company´s management, or the infringement of his/her duty is imposed by law. All non-public information, disclosure of which, its use, modification, loss or destruction could cause damage to the company or to other concerned entity, is deemed to be confidential.

Company is equipped with information technologies and procedures that contain control and safety features, ensuring satisfactory levels of protection for data of its business partners and customers.

Accurate and complete financial records

Fosfa a.s. registers in full all its financial transactions and keeps accurate records and accounts on them, in accordance with legislation. Incorrect or fraudulent documentation or statements are unlawful. Financial statements are regularly reviewed by audits.

Avoiding conflicts of interest

Employees must avoid situations that may create conflicts between their personal interests and interests of the company. While dealing with current and potential customers, suppliers, competitors, possibly also with state authorities, employees must act in the best interests of the company, irrespective of their personal advantages.

Each employee must without delay inform his/her superior of any situation where a conflict of interest is likely to occur or has occurred.

Protection and use of company assets

Employees pay attention to the protection of tangible and intangible assets of the company and their efficient use. Each employee is obliged to notify his superior of any suspicion of unauthorised use or theft of anything from the company assets.

The obligation of the employee to protect the company assets applies also to the information and intangible assets, in particular intellectual property rights like trademarks, patents, improvement proposals, designs, utility designs and others, furthermore to know-how, business plans and strategies, information databases and others. Unauthorised use of that information and of intangible assets is not only a serious infringement of working rules, but it may result in legal recourse.

Environmental care

Company complies with all the legal regulations for environmental protection. Deep respect for the nature and for the environment is inherent in the company. Fosfa a.s. has developed a range of unique, environmentally-friendly products Feel Eco.

Company takes into account nature conservation concerns in all its activities, including development, planning, manufacturing, sales and management of its products. Company is certified according to ČSN EN ISO 14001, by which it exemplifies implementing and permanent improvement of the environmental management system. Company actively participates in eliminating the consequences of its entrepreneurial activity and by adjustments of technological processes endeavours to minimize the impacts of manufacturing processes on the environment. Company´s employees appropriately participate in the environmental management process.