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The joint stock company Fosfa is the largest processor of yellow phosphorus in Europe and a successful exporter. Apart from the food industry and industrial applications, Fosfa also focuses on the development and production of ecological products. Under the brand name Feel Eco, it produces ecological care products for both body and household. At the same time, it runs the first ever Czech vertical farm Feel Greens, where it cultivates microgreens, herbs and salads using hydroponics. Last but not least, it produces and distributes electricity and natural gas from renewable sources and waste heat.

Fosfa a.s. was founded in 1884. Its modern history, however, began to be written after years of profound decline in 2002. After successfully restoring phosphoric acid production, the company also decided to invest in the production of special phosphorus-based applications and in the detergent and energy division.



We export our products to more than 80 countries worldwide

Fosfa export


2019 - Czech 100 Best
Category Winner – Environment – Agriculture – Food industry

The prestigious award was accepted by Fosfa’s CEO Ivan Baťka at the 24th “Czech 100 Best” gala evening held in the Spanish Hall at Prague Castle. In appreciation of the award, Baťka notes: “I’m glad that the award recognises and values our efforts to continuously improve customer service with a special focus on environmental protection, as well as developments and innovations in the field of natural home and personal care under our Feel Eco brand, and the Feel Greens superfoods grown on the first vertical farm in the Czech Republic. It is a great honour for everyone at Fosfa, and it affirms our commitment to continue tirelessly along this track.”

Certificate Czech 100 Best 2019

Fosfa - Czechia 100 best 2019

Fosfa - 2013 - DaB Top rating

2019 – Czech Stability Award, rating AAA - Excellent

Company Fosfa a.s. is a part of a highly exclusive group of companies in the Czech Republic which have met the strictest economic evaluation criteria according to the Bisnode statistical predictive model. The company’s creditworthiness has the highest AAA rating.

Czech Stability Award

2018 - Czech 100 Best
Category Winner – Invention – Commitment – Export – Profit Category

“At Fosfa, success is about recognising the work of all of our team members. As a life science company, Fosfa places special emphasis on the dynamics of development, incorporating innovative management practices into the work of each team, and searching for new opportunities,” said Ivan Baťka about the success of the company. For a long time now, the ideas of Tomáš and Jan Antonín Baťa have been a great source of inspiration at Fosfa. These include introducing the principles of entrepreneurship into the way teams and individual employees work, and the way they are remunerated. A key element of the company’s philosophy is environmental stewardship.

Czech 100 Best 2018 certificate

                                                                                                                                                                                    Fosfa - Czechia 100 best 2018

Fosfa - Czech 100 best 2017

2017 - Czech 100 Best
Category Winner of the Invention – Commitment – Export – Profit Category

"A big thank you to all my colleagues for their inventiveness and commitment. They deserve credit for where Fosfa is today. If our ideas were not more inventive than those of others, if we were not able to implement these ideas quickly and in a meaningful way, we, the Czech Republic, would have to resign ourselves to a secondary role of a supplier for those who are more inventive than us. This is not what we in Fosfa want." Ivan Baťka, CEO

Certificate of the Czech 100 Best 2017


2016 - Czech 100 Best
the category - Dynamic growth and stability

"I am very happy that we managed to win in the category of Dynamic growth – Stability. It's an acknowledgement of all the people who work at Fosfa. Only thanks to them, can we be a successful exporter and achieve growth and stability" CEO of Fosfa Ing. Ivan Baťka, who received the award at the gala evening from the hands of the chairman of the Economic Committee of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, Ing. Ivan Pilný. The award ranked Fosfa as one of the most stable companies in the Czech Republic.

Certificate Czech 100 Best 2016

Fosfa - Czechia 100 best 2016
Fosfa - Czech 100 best 2015

2015 - Czech 100 Best
Winner of the Invention – Commitment – Export – Profit Category

Fosfa’s CEO Ivan Baťka accepts the Invention – Commitment – Export – Profit Category Award from the hands of the Minister of Industry and Trade Jan Mládek. This category is of particular importance to the Czech Republic. We are a country with a lack of mineral wealth, and therefore we need to bring many more inventions and targeted efforts to our business. Companies awarded in this category show that this "handicap" can be grappled with, and that nothing stops Czech entrepreneurs from establishing themselves and standing out among the competition. 

Certificate of the Czech 100 Best 2015


2013 - ČEKIA Stability Award

The award ranked Fosfa as one of the most stable companies in the Czech Republic.

ČEKIA Stability Award 2013


Fosfa - Čekia Award
Fosfa - 2013 - DaB Top rating

6th place in the Exporter of the Year competition, Top Exporters category according to the Bisnode rating

The prestigious Top Rating award is an internationally recognized award that based on the established methodology can only be awarded to 2% of the top quality companies that meet the very strict criteria of the renowned Dun & Bradstreet rating agency.




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