Personal development of Fosfa team members

At Fosfa, a joint-stock company, we are fully aware of the fact that for further successful development it is essential to invest not only in manufacturing processes, new technologies, workplace modernization, but, first and foremost, in human resources. This is why our company pays so much attention to our employees’ personal development and education.

Fosfa Conference 12. 12. 2019  

We are a company where all employees, no matter which position they hold, have the opportunity to learn and work on their personal development. We are interested in extending and improving Fosfa employees’ skills and qualifications, no matter whether they are in a blue- or a white-collar positions. We want them to learn to work with new technology and to be able to solve and deal with problems independently and to apply new skills to the existing work processes.

Trainings, courses, and seminars are carefully planned, and we do our best to combine and co-ordinate our training and development activities to follow one another and to fit into our long-term human resource strategy.

We are extremely interested in being able to communicate in other than only mother language. Our company is a pro-export company and knowledge of foreign languages is a necessity for us today.

All new team members undergo training at Training Center and have the opportunity to study at Fosfa University where the qualifications of the employees are improved by means of integral development programs providing for the necessary knowledge and skills.  

Career and personal development in our company lie in the hands of each employee. Our system of employee evaluation and personal interviews is set up to try and help each employee to find the optimal way to meet his or her expectations while complying with our company needs and making the best use of his or her current abilities and finding the best plan for his or her future development. We try hard to make everyone a winner proud of being a member of the Fosfa team.