Training center

“The right people in the right place“  

The idea to create a training center was born in early February 2012. The intention was clear: the targeted, systematic and continuous development of all employees across the company. The training center is a sort of “zero year” at Fosfa University. It is also used for the periodic and ongoing training of existing staff.

And what is the content of the training days?  

  • Obtaining basic knowledge
  • Faster adaptation of new members of the Fosfa team
  • Identifying with the values of Fosfa culture
  • Unified language, rules and their understanding
  • Career growth of the staff

Education is currently taking place in two phases:  

Phase 1

Phase 1 introduces initial adaptation training for new team members. It takes place during the first days in Fosfa, when a new colleague receives basic information about the company and important part-time training (OSH, environment, etc.)

Phase 2

Phase 2 includes two-day training devoted to the philosophy of Kaizen and its methodologies. Participants will learn what is envisioned under the term Kaizen and take a short excursion into the history of this philosophy that is key to working at Fosfa. They will learn what a standard is, what standards are good for, and try to create their own standards whose observance and improvement will be looked after throughout the training. (During this activity, they receive continuous feedback from other participants). They will discover what improvement suggestions are and how they are assigned. They will learn to form FID, FIO and FIP. They will take a deep look at the 5S strategy. They will try out standardization and the principles of slim production in interactive games.