Integrated management system policy

Founded in 1884, Fosfa a.s is a Life Science company with its head offices located in Breclav-Poštorná.

The joint stock company Fosfa is the largest processor of yellow phosphorus in Europe and a successful exporter. Apart from the food industry and industrial applications, Fosfa also focuses on the development and production of ecological products. Under the brand name Feel Eco, it produces ecological care products for both body and household. At the same time, it runs the first ever Czech vertical farm Feel Greens, where it cultivates microgreens, herbs and salads using hydroponics. Last but not least, it produces electricity from renewable sources and waste heat. Under the brand name Feel Ecoenergy, Fosfa also acts as an electricity and gas trader. Fosfa a.s. management has decided, in the interest of improving the level of quality, safety of food products and consumer products, health and safety standards in the workplace as well as the environmental protection, to issue the following declaration in accordance with the strategic goals and objectives.

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Quality policy

We commit to:

  • provide all customers with products of agreed quality and with long-term mutually beneficial business partnership,
  • strive to increase efficiency of processes in the organization, maintain and enhance the competence of our employees,
  • develop cooperation with public (state) authorities (administrations), experts and other stakeholders in order to be in full compliance with applicable technical and legal standards and regulations,
  • effectively manage processes and by means of continuous control activities to improve the quality of our own processes, products and established quality management system.

Environmental policy

We commit to:

  • comply with all relevant laws and other regulations in the environmental area that relate to the company or the company is committed to them,
  • operate our facilities and technology in accordance with environmental protection and replacing non-compliant equipment with new ones,
  • systematically educate and train our employees, consistently lead them to protect the environment and teach them to prevent environmental pollution and emergency situations,
  • protect natural resources by recycling waste and by efficiently using raw materials and energy, maximizing the use of non-waste technology, and to set environmental goals and fulfil them,
  • continuously improve our environmental management system to improve environmental performance and carry out preventive actions to protect the environment.

Food safety and consumer products policy

We commit to:

  • comply with all relevant laws and other regulations in the area of food safety and the safety of consumer goods that relate to the company, or the company is committed to them,
  • ensure the rights of consumers and place only safe products on the market,
  • systematically educate and train our employees in food safety and consumer product safety, and consistently lead them to follow the hygienic rules,
  • develop cooperation and communication with the public authorities, experts, suppliers and contractors, customers and other stakeholders to ensure the safety of our products,
  • responsibility for the safety of food and consumer goods to our customers.

Occupational health and safety policy (OSH)

We commit to:

  • continuous search and risk management to create a safe and healthy non-threatening working environment for all employees and other people at our workplaces,
  • meet the requirements of legal and other health and safety regulations applicable to the company or the company is committed to them,
  • consistent prevention of accidents, possible accidents and accidents at work, the consequences of which could have a negative impact on employees' lives and health,
  • promote health and safety requirements at our contractors and suppliers, favouring partners who apply the same principles,
  • listen to employees and to involve the employees to the process of improving safety in the workplace through the employees' representatives for occupational health and safety,
  • improve the employee education system to increase their expertise, motivation and responsibility to ensure safety and health at work,
  • ensure adequate resources for security management and create conditions for enforcement and fulfilment of OSH policy, set goals and regularly review their suitability and adequacy.

Major-accident prevention policy

Management of Fosfa a.s. in the course of it‘s business activities, devotes considerable attention to the prevention of major industrial accidents in connection with the handling, transport and processing of dangerous substances within the company.

  • comply with the requirements of the Act No. 224/2015 Sb., on prevention of major accidents, and the management of the company considers fulfilment of all requirements as a priority for the company,
  • integrate the prevention of major accidents into an already established, certified system according to the requirements of ISO standards,
  • incorporate prevention of major industrial accidents into existing processes,
  • continuously monitor sources of danger, accident and accident risks,
  • provide the competent authorities information on hazardous substances, processes, facilities and steps to reduce risk and consequences. People living in the vicinity of the company should be adequately informed about precautionary actions in the event of a major accident.

Safety requirements are integrated into all stages from the beginning of procurement throughout the technical life of equipment (design, construction, operation). This ensures continuous control and permanent reduction of the risk of major accidents at all levels of control, and thus reduces the potential impacts on the company employees and residents living in the vicinity of the company. The individual targets and principles for the major-accident prevention are described in the document B-BZ-3220-401. Targets, including deadlines, are reviewed at least once a year during the review of management systems.

Energy policy

In the context of energy policy and all associated requirements for sustainable production, the management of Fosfa a.s. committed itself to continuous improvement in energy performance and energy management system.

Implementation of energy policy is realized by introducing energy management system according to ISO 50001 with the following key points.

  • ensure the availability of information and all the resources necessary for achieving the objectives and targets,
  • comply with all applicable legal requirements and additional requirements related to the use of energy and energy efficiency,
  • support the purchase of energy-efficient products and services,
  • provide effective aid, information, finances etc. for training the employees to achieve a successful fulfilment of Energy policy,
  • collect systematic data and analyse energy consumption,
  • regularly review energy efficiency and energy savings,
  • regularly test the effectiveness of the energy management system through internal audits,
  • fulfil all applicable requirements related to the energy aspects, requirements of legislation and requirements accepted by the organization.

We are aware that a consistent high quality can only be achieved if we work as a team and if we follow all rules of the integrated management system (IMS). We declare that will ensure a high level of quality and safety of our products and also ensure the safety and health of our employees at work and protect the environment.

Following standards are implemented in Fosfa a.s as a part of the integrated management system: ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001 SEDEX, A.I.S.E, BRC Food Safety, Halal assurance system and Kosher.

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