Potassium phosphates

Potassium phosphates are used as a multipurpose food additive, primarily in the production of meat products, dairy products and powder drinks. They act as an emulsifier, stabilizer and acidity regulator. These products contain potassium; therefore they are used for food products enrichment with this element. In some applications potassium phosphates are used to lower the amount of Sodium in food products, another application is as a gelling agent in instant puddings and deserts.

In industrial applications these products are used as a multipurpose dispersant. Due to its ability to bind metal cations it is also used as a water softener.

Products according to name
Sodium phosphates Potassium phosphates Ammonium phosphates Thermal phosphoric acid
Products Certificates
ProductQualityNameOmnisal – made in GermanyFosfa – made in Czech RepublicMore information
DKP food, tech Dipotassium phosphate Send request
MKP food, tech Monopotassium phosphate Send request
KTPP food, tech Potassium tripolyphosphate Send request
TKPP food, tech Tetrapotassium pyrophosphate  Send request


Fosfa - Draselné fosfáty

We are certified for:

  • ISO 9001 (Quality)
  • ISO 14001 (Environment)
  • OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety)
  • ISO 50001 (Energy)
  • ISO 22000 (Food Safety)
  • BRC Food (Food Safety)
  • AEO-C (Authorised Economic Operator)
  • A.I.S.E.

Our food grade phosphates are allergen free, GMO free, BSE/TSE free.

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