Heat-resistant applications

Under the name ALUFOS, Fosfa produces a range of phosphate products that are applied as chemical binders in the production of heat-resistant materials. These products are known for creating an additional chemical bond known as phosphate bond when heated above 200 °C.

Fire-resistant substances and shaped pieces containing such binders therefore show high strength at low temperatures, which can be otherwise achieved by creating a vitrified bond at a much higher temperature. The products of the ALUFOS series are used in particular as binders in the production of fire-resistant shaped materials, ramming mixtures, high-quality ceramics, binding agents in addition to fire-resistant and anti-corrosion coating and compounds, ceramic insulation materials, high-strength refractory concretes, casting moulds, in the production of inflammable, fire-suppression board materials, etc.

Industrial applications
Heat-resistant applications Surface treatment of metals Industrial cleaning
Products Certificates
ProductApplicationOmnisal – made in GermanyFosfa – made in Czech RepublicMore information
ALUFOS 50 Binder for non-basic refractory materials (aluminosilicates) - e.g. bauxite, corundum, mullite, chamotte, andalusite, zirconium, quartz (SiO2) in brick and stamping mixtures, in the production of mineral fiber for thermal and acoustic insulation. Send request
ALUFOS 50M Binder for refractory materials and shaped parts. The presence of boric acid improves the chemical and physical properties, reduces the melting temperature and the coefficient of thermal expansion of the produced refractory material and enhance hardness. Send request
ALUFOS 50S Binder for refractory ceramics. Send request
ALUFOS 52 Binder for high alumina refractory ceramics. Send request
ALUFOS 52 LFA Binder for refractory materials with low content of free acid to minimize unwanted side reactions. Send request
ALUFOS 525 Binder for refractory materials, molded parts without cement, components fast hardening when cold, for preparation of self-hardening insulations and heat-resistant foams, for composition of protective layers on graphite materials to reduce abrasion of carbon layer, used as a part of insulation layer of transformer’s metal sheets. Send request
ALUFOS 16 Highly inhibited binder for wet refractory materials, which are not meant to be used immediately and can be stored for time period and be used continually. For example in putty or luting. Send request
ALUFOS 16R Binder with properties of Alufos 16, enhanced by hardening retardant, suitable for pre-prepared mixtures or semi-finished products, which are not processed immediately. Send request


Fosfa - Prumyslove aplikace - Certifikaty

We are certified for:

  • ISO 9001 (Quality)
  • ISO 14001 (Environment)
  • OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety)
  • ISO 50001 (Energy)
  • ISO 22000 (Food Safety)
  • BRC Food (Food Safety)
  • AEO-C (Authorised Economic Operator)
  • A.I.S.E.

Our food grade phosphates are allergen free, GMO free, BSE/TSE free.

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