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Fosfa Nursery, Hraniční 268, Břeclav- Poštorná, 691 41

The Fosfa Nursery was established in July 2011 to provide the parents working in Fosfa with pre-school education for their children and, in particular, to help them place their children as close as possible to their places of work and entrust the qualified and professional nursery teachers to take care of their children in these hectic times without having to worry. Considering the high demands, the nursery was later made available to parents of children who do not work in Fosfa.

The nursery activity focuses in particular on high-quality education and individual approach, which we can afford due to the low capacity of the nursery. The tuition includes in particular the English language, creativity development, music in addition to specific sports activities, such as regular practice of yoga, judo for children and relaxation techniques to calm the children down. Every parent certainly appreciates when their child has the opportunity to learn a foreign language at such a young age; nevertheless, our goal is to teach the children to communicate in any language correctly with careful pronunciation. To improve the quality of the service provided, this year we have offered the parents the opportunity to take advantage of care offered by a speech specialist directly in the nursery. We of course remember that children like games and playing. All the aforementioned in the nursery premises and the newly built children's playground that Fosfa built up in the last year.

Due to its orientation and in particular due to individual approach to the needs of the children, the nursery comes up to expectations of every parent who wishes to have their child developed, have it educated as to how to behave in nature, to communicate with the others, to understand foreign languages and in particular leaving the nursery with a smile and looking forward to come back again. If I did not have this feeling as a mum entrusting her child every morning to the teachers in the nursery school, I could not write this article. I am happy that my daughter attends the nursery and I can definitely recommend it to you all.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Fosfa kindergarten

Information on Fosfa Nursery

The nursery is located at the Fosfa premises in Poštorná near the bus stop.                                                              

Opening hours of the Fosfa Nursery are from 6:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Parents may bring their children to the nursery depending on their own needs

Price List:

As of June 2013, we are extending the established price list by the credit system. Thus, we are able to provide your children not only with the month-long attendance but also with the possibility to use individual days depending on your own needs. Detailed information on the prices, board and credit system is available directly in the nursery.


Ivana Novotná  - tel.: 737 205 083
Jiřina Kratochvílová - tel.: 734 397 805

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Hraniční 268/120, Poštorná, 691 41 Břeclav, Czech Republic