Execute To Win

What is ETW?

ETW is a strategic system for employee evaluation, developed by Lee Benson, Director of Able Engineering, with his team; he personally saw to its introduction in Fosfa. The evaluation is based on differentiation by Jack Welch, who is not only a shareholder of ETW, but also participates actively in the continuous development of the system. Jack Welch is considered one of the most respected businessmen of the second half of the 20th century, who made his mark in the history of global business as an exceptional manager and leader. His contribution is one of the reasons why ETW is so exceptional.

ETW is a tool that allows objective evaluation: the employees know at any given time how they are evaluated in terms of their performance as well as their adoption of corporate culture and values important to the company. The employees have an opportunity to improve on the basis of specific recommendations as well as to highlight accomplishments that they consider important. The system helps executives to develop both individual employees and entire teams and to motivate them for higher performance. Last but not least, ETW is a communication tool that encourages discussion.

The goal of ETW is to push the company to success and VICTORY, i.e. to teach the employees that if the company wins, they win and that they all have a chance to make a real contribution to this victory.


John Francis "Jack" Welch with Mr. Baťka. Our inspiration in Leadership and people development.


Launching the ETW system in the Fosfa company in the presence of Lee Benson, CEO of Able Engineering

Visualization of the ETW system



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