Our philosophy is application of Tomas Bata's principles and moral integrity. While looking for new members of the Fosfa, we accentuate positive thinking, ability to motivate others, work hard to complete tasks successfully, courage to face unpopular decisions, enthusiasm,  open manners and adaptability, discipline, sense of fair play and in particular respect for people. Important indicators of evaluation is the GEMBA culture as well (accentuating the event performed directly on site not in an administrative manner) and desire for knowledge. 

Fosfa is aware of the fact that the most valuable and essential elements in the company are employees. Our employees are our future. If you love what you do, if you are full of energy and if you wish to realize your potential to the full then Fosfa is the right place for you. We belong to the most stable companies with global reach and we like to accept ardent and positively-thinking individuals to become our team members.

Hraniční 268/120, Poštorná, 691 41 Břeclav, Czech Republic