When we hear the word ecology, most of us visualize scented woods, swimming in lakes and ponds, clear sky and the variety of plant and animal species. To enable our children to recollect the same pictures, we all have to do something about it. We often do not realize that even we, individuals, have the power to influence nature. The fact that we separate waste, print on both sides of a paper, use defectively printed paper for notes, keep bags for the next shopping, use environment-friendly products, sit over the computer or watch TV less and that we sometimes go by bike instead of driving have a positive impact on nature and consumption of irreplaceable resources.

Our company and all our team members are not indifferent to the way we treat the environment. Environment-friendly behaviour has become part of our lives and we therefore wish to be environmentally conscious even with increasing production. We are aware of the fact that a view of beautiful surroundings is not commonplace and that we have to take care of nature. The philosophy of ours - Live&Feel eco - is the most eloquent example.

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