Fosfa University

“The basic goal of education is to create beings who are able to do new things and not only to repeat what was the work of previous generations - beings who are creative, inventive and able to discover. The secondary goal of education is to form beings who can be critical, who verify facts and who do not accept everything what is offered to them. The worst danger of today’s is slogans, common opinions and standard trends of ideas. We must be able to resist individually, to criticize and to distinguish between what has been proven and what has not. Therefore, we need students who are active, who learn quickly and soon things, both by means of their spontaneous activity, and by means of materials we prepare for them; students who will learn to say what has been proven and what is easily the first idea, which has come to their minds.”


Among the main advantages of our education belongs unification of company language, creation and development of company culture, establisment to strategic model ZIPFES (therefore to visions and goals of whole enterprise). Since the foundation od Fosfa University there has beeb solved over 80 problems and waste and has been started and finished over 30 projects. The number of internal lecturers (co-workers, who participate on schooling) has grown. Fosfa University studies has alredy finished over 130 employees. Training center is part of Fosfa University, it helps new employees in quick adaptation and participates in process understading. It is also used by current employees for their ongoing trainig. We are proud of this successes and believe, that Fosfa University will contribute to development and education of our co-workers across the whole company.


Our company is aware of the fact that the key to successful business are high-quality people who are proactive, able to think critically, to come up with own ideas. Therefore, on 10 April 2009 we founded the Fosfa University, as the instrument for education and development of our team. The Fosfa University is the instrument which helps us achieve certain strategic goals within the framework of the company, such as: 0 % of workers, 100 % of co-entrepreneurs or how to become a world class company (WCC).

The Fosfa University combines theory and practice and contributes to optimization and improvement of processes across the entire company to a great extent. Inspiration for the University is renowned and successful entrepreneurs, such as: Tomas Bata, Jack Welch, Jeffrey Liker and Masaaki Imai.





Hraniční 268/120, Poštorná, 691 41 Břeclav, Czech Republic